Editor, Game Designer, Zine Maker

Roz Leahy

I'm one half of Two Rats Press, a queer, risograph press operating out of a bedroom in Edinburgh. We've produced award-winning comics, run a successful Kickstarter for Zinequest and printed work for clients the world over.In 2022 I began to work in games full time as a freelance editor, using my years of experience in the field to help people make their books! I specialise in dungeons, and OSR-adjacent games.I've worked with Melsonian Arts Council (Troika), Cubicle 7(Warhammer 40,000: Wrath and Glory, Vault 5e), Tuesday Knight Games (Mothership) and a number of small and independent publishers. Get in touch and I'm sure I can help you too!

Copyediting, line editing, proofreading, developmental editing.
Email me to discuss your project! Rates negotiable.


"Throughout the projects we’ve worked on together, Roz has been communicative, detailed, and enthusiastic. Her edits and suggestions have been just enough to cut right to the core of a particular phrase or idea while leaving its essential nature intact. She can at once be your work’s biggest fan, while being keenly aware of its rough edges. She knows her stuff, and I’d love to work with her again." ― Sam Barrett, Exiles, Girl and Goddess"Roz is great—she's fast, efficient, and deadly with her editing pen. Her work not only polishes my drafts into finished prose but reveals hidden opportunities within my text allowing it to shine. I'd hire her to edit my work any day." ― Dave Kenny, Magnum Galaxy Games, Nirvana on Fire, Prison Station Echo"Roz is an absolute delight to work with. She's insightful, thorough, and committed to providing crystal clear communication through every stage of the editing process. Just ridiculously good at what she does. A Square of Sunlight is definitely a better book now thanks to Roz's suggestions and I'd hire her again in a heartbeat." ― Thriftomancer, Oneironauts, Incantations."Working with Roz for edits on Abilities Considered Unnatural was incredibly helpful as their thorough and fine-toothed combing of the manuscript and insightful suggestions on content resulted in large upgrades to the direction of the writing to ensure everything in the zine meshed well and hit peak evocativeness and readability. All this in addition to quality copy editing and slaying of embarrassing stealth typos." ― Joel Hines, Abilities Considered Unnatural"Roz was amazing to work with, her communication skills ensured that we were both on the same page at every step of the process, she clearly stated her rates and even showed me examples of each different thing that she offered upon my own document, and over all she has made me look good. Hire Roz you jerks!" ― Reece Carter, Distress Signals

I've been designing games since 2015. My games have been featured in podcasts, anthologies and have won competitions.I'm available for traditional dungeon cartography.In 2021 I successfully Kickstarted The Goblin Manor of Anstruther-Mogg, a system neutral setting/ bestiary of dozens of aristocratic goblin sisters infesting a decaying manor house in the countryside.In August of 2021 I released Bramblehame, a book of characters based on Scottish and Irish wildlife, exploring a world of constant rain and flooding.My standalone games, content released for other systems, and system neutral writing can all be found at my itch.io page.

In 2020 I started Two Rats Press with Axe Marnie. In the summer of 2020 we bought an ancient risograph printer and bribed some burly men to carry it up to our first floor flat. The printbeast currently takes up most of our bedroom.Since getting it, we produced Axe's comic Cry Wolf, which was awarded a MICE micro grant, as well as Hoarded Unsorted Unseen.Since then, in addition to a successful zinequest Kickstarter campaign, we have produced a number of zines for clients around the world.